Plastic Waste

Waste Plastic : New era For Bitumen Road Construction

Disposal of waste materials including waste plastic bags has become a serious problem and waste plastics are burnt for apparent disposal which cause environmental pollution. Utilization of waste plastic in bituminous mixes has proved that the properties of mix are improved and disposal problems are also solved to some extent. The cleaned Plastic waste is cut by using shredding machine. The aggregate mix is heated and the plastic is effectively coated over the aggregates. This plastic waste coated aggregates are mixed with hot bitumen to prepare job mix formula. The use of the innovative technology will not only strengthen the road construction but also increase the road life as well as will help to reduce the environment pollution. The present study investigates the use of waste plastic as a modifier for semi dense bituminous concrete. In this study the shredded plastic waste is mixed in hot aggregate and the plastic modified mix is prepared

Advantages of Plastic Tar Road.

A well constructed Plastic Tar Road will result in the following advantages.        

  •        Strength of the road  increased (Increased  Marshall Stability Value)
  •         Better resistance to water and water stagnation
  •         No stripping and have no potholes.
  •         Increased binding and better bonding of the mix.
  •       Increased load withstanding property (Withstanding increased load transport)
  •         Overall consumption of bitumen decreases.
  •         Reduction in pores in aggregate and hence less rutting and raveling.
  •         Better soundness property.
  •         Maintenance cost of the road is almost nil.
  •         The Road life period is substantially increased.
  •         No leaching of plastics.
  •         No effect of radiation like UV.